BBCC: Mini Yoga Series Week 1- Yoga Poses For Runners


Boot Camp Challenge: Mini Yoga & Pilates ChallengeWeek 1

So, can you guess which of the yoga sequences from these 5 Fit Sugar series, that I’ll be using for this Mini Yoga & Pilates Challenge, I went for first? Can ya? Can ya?!

The leg strengthening, runners sequence, OBVIOUSLY.

Overall, I think that this is an awesome combination of yoga poses for runners. Arching Three-legged dog, extended tabletop, low lunge, and open lizard are all poses that I try to do on a daily basis to make sure that my leg and hip muscles are loose and flexible.  On the other hand, some of the other poses shown here, like the bent standing split and scissor leg side crow, are pretty advanced, and in my opinion, should first be attempted in the presence of a yoga instructor who can give you verbal cues and corrections. Unless you practice yoga frequently and are already familiar with the more difficult poses in this series, I would advise that you skip them and repeat some of the beginner poses as an alternative.

Otherwise, have fun with it, feel the burn of the stretch, and let me know what you think of this first sequence in our Mini Yoga & Pilates Challenge!