Boot Camp Challenge: Mini Yoga Series


11-Week Boot Camp Challenge: Mini Yoga & Pilates Challenge!

For me, yoga is to exercise like a bagel is to a long-distance run. What’s the point of latter if you’re going to skip the former? (I’m kidding about the bagel thing… A little.) But in all seriousness, what I’m trying to say is, just like your body needs carbohydrates after a long bout of cardio exercise, it also constantly needs stretching and flexibility training. That’s why, I’m challenging everyone taking part in the 11-Week Boot Camp Challenge, to also add this mini yoga and Pilates challenge to their workout regimen starting this week!

Fit Sugar recently shared these 5 different yoga and Pilates workouts for stretching, toning, and defining your muscles. Being the yoga-loving freak that I am, I certainly plan on setting out to try them all, and as a present for your sore muscles that are working so hard during our Bikini Boot Camp Challenge, you should too! If I tried to list all of the benefits of yoga right here and right now, it would take me until the end of time. So, if you’ve never practiced yoga or pilates before, trust me when I say that you’ll feel like a million bucks afterwards. I promise.

The same rules that apply to the 11-Week Bikini Boot Camp Challenge will apply here. Basically, that means there are no rules. Try picking a day that will be your yoga and stretching day, and over the next five weeks, complete one yoga series from this Fit Sugar link per week. But that doesn’t have to be all, if you really like a series or feel like you need to switch up your workout for the day, no one’s stopping you from doing any of the sequences all day, everyday! Get what I’m saying? I’m going to make Sundays my “Mini Yoga & Pilates Challenge” days. You can do the same or pick a different day. Exercise is all about doing what works for you!

Got it? Good! Alright now, go strike a (yoga) pose!