Boot Camp Challenge: Week 3


Boot Camp Challenge: Week 3

Alright, so today I had a busy day of studying (for my personal trainer certification test! EEE!), and baking crazy cakes, and food shopping, and then even more studying. I actually got into my workout clothes pretty early on in the day but I didn’t get around to actually working out until about 7:30. So, my apologies for posting this week’s workout a bit later than usual. I’m sure a ton of you already did it today, though, so leave a comment and let me know what you thought!

This week’s boot camp workout comes from celebrity trainer, Jason Walsh, and personally, this has been my favorite workout within the challenge so far. A circuit workout like this one, that includes a combo of strength training and plyometrics, is my absolute favorite kind of workout, because exercises like the ones in this circuit are the kinds that are best for burning fat and getting results! I did this entire series with my sister, and by the end we were both winded and running to the fridge for water.

If you’d like a more solid idea of what to do for the warmup, try this:

1 minute High Knees

1 minute Burpees

1 minute Jumping Jacks

1 minute Alternating Straight Leg Lifts

1 Minute Mountain Climbers

And some other modifications:

If pull ups are too challenging for you and/or you don’t have the equipment necessary for lat pull downs, do bicep curls instead.

If you don’t have a step or something sturdy to step onto for step ups, do front kicks with a two hand touch. (See how to do so 4:20 seconds into Week 1’s workout.)

If you have lower back issues or weakness, trade the straight leg situps for a 30-60 second plank hold. (Any type of crunch can put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the lower back, so it is recommended that you avoid such exercises if you’re sensitive in that area.)

Now, spill the beans. Did you do this week’s workout yet today? What did you think? Which workout in the boot camp has been your favorite so far?