5 Tips for Eating Healthier on Easter

There’s room for indulgences everyday. I really can’t stress that enough. And there’s especially room for indulgences on holidays like today, when there’s bound to be an array of delicious and decadent foods all around. Instead of getting into the, “I can’t have any of that and I’m only eating lettuce” mindset, let yourself have a little bite of the cake, and the cookies, and the jellybeans without overdoing it and I promise, you’ll be a much, much more pleasant person by the end of the day. (You also won’t be sneaking into your little sister’s Easter basket to secretly stuff your face with Peeps after everyone goes to sleep tonight.)

But, just in case maybe you’re in the middle of some kind of 11-Week Bikini Boot Camp to help you get in shape for summer (wink, wink), or you’ve just really been on a roll with the whole clean, healthy eating thing and you’re hoping not to take 10 steps backwards today, try a few of these tips from Fit Sugar to help you stay on track but still enjoy all the good stuff!

  1. Start with the real breakfast of champions: You may not be able to control what’s served at the brunch table, but you certainly can control what you eat when you wake up. Make a giant green smoothie or green juice, so you load up on nutrients and filling fiber.
  2. Drink plenty of water: Place thin cucumber and lemon slices in your water glass for a liver-detoxing and digestion-aiding beverage.
  3. Fill up on greens: Before you dive into the cheese plate or Easter basket full of candy, munch on a plate full of veggie sticks or salad. The fiber will fill you up, so you are less inclined to overindulge in the bad stuff.
  4. Remember your serving sizes: Serve half of the plate with veggies, a quarter with grains, and a quarter with protein. If you prefer stricter measurements, forget the cups and teaspoons, and use your hand as a measuring cup. Two fingers equals one serving of cheese. An open palm equals one serving of meat. A closed fist is one serving of fruit or vegetables. A cupped hand is one serving of grains.
  5. Enjoy bread and candy last: After you’ve filled up on veggies and protein, then enjoy the bread and butter, Peeps, jellybeans, or chocolate-covered caramels. While it’s tempting to inhale five or six candies in one sitting, slow down and thoroughly savor each bite.

Want to know what I’m most looking forward to eating today? Oh, I think you know. This cake! Now your turn, what holiday food can you not wait to get your hands on today?

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