20 Ways To Be More Active

20 Ways To Be More Active

20 Ways to Be More Active!

Yesterday was World Physical Activity Day. I asked you all what you planned on doing to be more active, and this is what you said:

1.) Gardening

2.) Insanity

3.) Traditional Work Out/ Exercise

4.) Walk to/from work

5.) Bike to/from work

6.) Bike everywhere

7.) Run

8.) Play freeze tag

9.) Clean (your room, the house, your car, etc.)

10.) Mow the lawn

11.) Elliptical workout

12.) Go for a walk outside

13.) Go for a hike

14.) Go to the carnival

15.) Wall sits

16.) Group exercise and small group training classes at your gym

17.) Take the long route to where you’re going when walking or biking

18.) Take the stairs

19.) Choose the parking spot that’s further away

20.) Yoga & stretching

Being active is easier than you think! Sitting around all day is for cats. (And also not good for humans.)

What would you add to this list?