Busting Boredom On The Treadmill

[via Oh She Glows]

My workout today was a 5 mile treadmill run. Of course if felt great, but I have to agree with Angela who points out that the treadmill can get quite boring, repetitive, dull, etc… Which is why I’m so excited to share her boredom-busting treadmill workouts!

The first is a 5-mile run with varying intervals to help break up the monotony of a single-pace run, and the second is a 5-kilometer speed workout that’s great if you’re a bit more pressed for time!

[via Oh She Glows]

Next time I step onto the treadmill I’ll definitely be putting the 5K speed workout to the test. And when I’m up for another distance run sometime next week you can bet your butt I’ll be giving the 5-mile interval run a go!

What else do you do to try and make the time pass more quickly while you’re running on the treadmill?