Clear Your Skin with a Clean Diet

As someone who has struggled with my skin for many, many years, I can attest to the fact that a clean diet and lots and lots of water will yield significant results for anyone battling blemishes or acne.

This means hardly any processed foods and at least 8 large cups of water a day, more if you’re very active and working out. The Nutrition Vault did some research to find out which foods have the best potential to help your skin and which foods might be of harm. Check out the lists!

Foods with a low glycemic index to enjoy (Tip: foods high in fiber usually have a low GI)  

    • Use agave as your sweetener of choice (similar to honey, and tastes amazing) 
    • whole wheat and multigrain bread
    • all bran cereal
    • barley (find out more about whole grains such as barley Here
    • rice 
    • Yogurt
    • Fruit such as:
      • cherries
      • grapefruit 
      • apple
      • kiwi 
      • banana 
      • grape 
      • peach
    • All vegetables and beans except potatoes, beets, and broad beans 
    • peanuts

Foods with a high glycemic index to avoid (tip: anything made with white flower usually has a high GI) 

    • Regular sugar and corn syrup
    • Ice cream 
    • Potatoes 
    • beets 
    • potato chips 
    • Rice cakes 
    • Bicuits
    • white bread
    • baguette
    • corn flakes
    • fruit such as 
      • watermelon 
      • pineapple 
      • mango 
      • raisins
    • pretzles
    • dates

A diet high in omega 3s and low in omega 6s helps with inflammation of the skin due to acne 

  • omega 3s have an anti-inflammatory effect which a study has shown to reduce inflammatory lesions by 70% 
  • If you do not get enough omega 3s, consider going on a fish oil supplelemt. Check out my previous article about how to choose a fish oil supplement Here
  • Foods high in omega 3 to eat more of: 
    • Salmon 
    • Flax meal and flax oil 
    • Sardines 
    • Walnuts 
    • omega 3 fortified foods 
      • fortified spreads
      • fortified orange juice
  • Foods high in omega 6 to avoid: (quick tip: Replace your oil with olive oil) 
    • safflower oil 
    • vegetable oil 
    • corn oil 
    • soybean oil 
    • sunflower oil

Clear Your Skin with a Clean Diet

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