Lunch Hour Workout: 45-Minute Upper-Body Blast!


Going to the gym during your lunch hour (or just at anytime you can get away from work, school, etc.) is a great way to break up the day and keep your motivation and energy high all the way up until it’s time to clock out. Here’s the 45 minute upper-body workout I did during my lunch break today.

-Lunch Hour Workout:45-Minute Upper-Body Blast-

Warm up: 5 minute level 9 incline walk  @ 3.0MPH

Part 1:

(15-20 seconds rest between sets for all exercises)

3 x 15 assisted lateral pull downs

3 x 15 assisted dips

3 x 15 assisted pull ups

3 x 15 seated row

3 x 10 seated row (increased weight)

90 second plank

30  push ups

90 second plank

30 push ups

1 minute jump rope

3 x 15 bar bell row

1 minute jump rope

3 x 10 bar bell biceps curls

Stair master: 5 minutes @ level 8-9 (last 30 seconds level 6 for cool down)

And then you’re done and ready to tackle the rest of your day!

On a side note…I’m no longer going to include weights for any of the exercises I do when I share workouts because it’s important that you know how much you should be lifting based on your level of fitness. Use weights that feel comfortable but challenging. If you don’t know where to start, ask a gym employee for help if you have that resource available to you.